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Tania Bowra - Press

“Gorgeous afternoon-sunlit pop”
Rave magazine 27/07/04

“Sade meets Fiona Apple… a great listen”
musicaustraliaguide 13/08/04

“a talent that could only improve popular music” 07/08/04

“no better female singer/songwriter roaming our shores”
* * * * Sydney City Hub 02/08/04

“a blessedly distinctive and gorgeous voice… she never loses sight of the song or its melody. For at heart, Tania Bowra is searching for the perfect song. ”
Mike Gee, The Brag, 02/08/04

“dreamy feel and crystalline sound… a cross between Neil Young and Fiona Apple”
Inpress Mag 03/08/04

Sydney City Hub 02/08/04
“Tania Bowra’s voice is blessed with a timbre that is both warm and open, like finely sanded teak, with the sort of character that only the ages can create and the elements soften and shape. With this instrument, she surreptitiously surrounds the listener with finely honed tunes of love – love lost and love sought. On Place In The Sun, she presents songs of subtle depth and intricacy with the sweetest of melodies. She has been around for over a decade, but the well kept secret of her talent should soon be exposed, for there is no better female singer/songwriter roaming our shores. Place In The Sun is what would happen if Joni Mitchell spent a summer in Byron Bay.” * * * *

Rave Magazine 27/07/04
“Gorgeous afternoon-sunlit pop, delicately textured and characterised by Bowra’s kd lang-ish tones”. 13/08/04
“No passengers. Place In The Sun starts with the bright pop song All I Want but quickly settles into stride into the breezy, jazzy, Sade meets Fiona Apple sophisticated style. There’s a great deal of variety within that. Bowra works closely with her musicians and a couple of songs come across as controlled jams. It’s a great listen.”

FilmInk 09/04
Tania Bowra is one of Sydney’s many quiet treasures, a singer/songwriter plying her trade in iconic venues, like The Basement to a deeply appreciative fan base. She does all this with a minimum of fuss, getting the kudos where it counts, and releasing music on her own terms. Place In The Sun builds on the strong foundations of her first two albums with Bowra’s strong, full bodied voice front and centre. But, as well as her celebrated folky stylings (the gorgeously mellow “Sympathy” is a true standout), Bowra cuts loose on some tracks, mixing in a funky soulfulness (“Be Mine” is a funky showstopper) that points to some exciting new directions.

Mike Gee, The Brag , 02/08/04 (excerpt from editorial)
“Bowra has a blessedly distinctive and gorgeous voice – she effortlessly tosses off octaves and the ability to contrast the dynamics her range offers her. Yet she never loses sight of the song or its melody. For at heart, Tania Bowra is searching for the perfect song.

Her latest album Place In The Sun is a strong, highly melodic work that takes Bowra’s longtime fascination with melding acoustic instrumentation with electronics a step further – but it isn’t over done. This is a pared back, atmospheric work that thrives on her voice and genuinely catchy nuances of the songs.”