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Artist: Tania Bowra
Title: Place In The Sun

Song list:

All I Want
Wet Wood
Give It To Me
Be Mine
Easy Way
Pleasure & Pain
Peace Like a Summer Breeze

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Artist: Jackie Bristow
Title: Crazy Love
Producer : Helik Hadar

Song list:

1. Crazy Love
2. The World Is Turning
3. Rollercoaster
4. Tempted
5. Broken Record
6. Across The World
7. Innocence
8. Pray For The Love

9. Close To The Bone
10. No Easy Way To Say Goodbye
11. River To My Soul
12. It's Gonna Be Alright


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Artist: Butterfly 9
Title: One for the Birds

Song list:

Love and Empathy
I Love the Summertime
Lay Your Head Down
Number On My Wall
Fading Out
Mr Glum
Someday When You're Gone
My Little Song
Hey Girl
My Fallen Angel
1,2,3 Down

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Artist: Abby Dobson
Title: Rise Up
Producer : Abby Dobson with additional production Tony Buchen & Robert F Cranny
Song List : 1. Music Box
2. You Will Find Your Way
3. Shining Star
4. I'm Not Missing You
5. Horses
6. Cloud Watching
7. See What The Morning Brings
8. High Like Heaven
9. It's Only Love
10. Free As a Bird
11. Whisper Nothing
12. Rise Up

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Artist: Kara Grainger
Title: Grand and Green River
Producer: David Kalish
Co Producer: Barrie Maguire

Song list:

1. What You Wanted
2. Bring Me Back
3. On My way
4. Life I sing about
5. Dreammed I was the Devil
6. Sky Is`Falling
7. Holding On
8. Cannot Be Denied
9. Secret Soul
10. Stuck In Love